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A young startup declares war on cold feet in winter sports
A young Australian founded the company SNÜX in 2018, two years later he won the Good Design Award in the Sport and Lifestyle category and now wants Europe to take off. SNÜX takes up a problem that almost all winter sports enthusiasts suffer from: cold feet.
SNÜX is the world's first overshoe for ski boots on the market. It keeps feet protected in winter sports from cooling down. The founder Benjamin Price developed a sophisticated thermal material made of five layers and even read it has been through accredited NASA laboratory testing. The concept should remind many of the shoe covers for cyclists. And in fact the concept is a similar one!
We talked to the Australian Benjamin Price, founder of SNÜX, about his idea, spoken and tested the overshoe while going on ski tours! SNÜX warms without cables or batteries and can be used permanently.
Heatable ski socks, electrically temperature-controlled insoles or heat pads - there are meanwhile several solutions to avoid getting cold feet during winter sports. Most of these products also work well, but they have numerous drawbacks, notes Benjamin.
“Everything that has been on the market so far is either battery-operated, very expensive, has one limited battery life or has to be attached to the boot with cables. ”
The goal for Benjamin and his team were clear: “We wanted to develop a product that was easy to use and reusable, works without cables or batteries and keeps the feet warm over the long term.”  The result is SNÜX. An overshoe for the ski boot that covers and thus the feet are isolated from the cool outside air and body heat is saved.


When we recommend SNÜX In general, the SNÜX overshoe is suitable for (ski) high-altitude tours, for freeriding and for alpine skiing. In our opinion, the additional thermal layer during ski touring especially makes sense when you move at great heights, if temperatures are low or when there is strong wind. I tested the overshoe with different boots on several ski tours. It was easy to attach and remove on all models. The SNÜX can also be attached to the instep with a BOA closure.

During my test tours it had an average of -10°C and light to medium wind. Conditions that usually make my toes uncomfortably cold.
I wore the SNÜX and when I left and my feet stayed warm the whole time. Ski tour: I think one reason for the good insulation is not just the fact that SNÜX has the stores body heat and reduces the wind chill effect, but because of the overshoe also prevents direct contact between the shell and the snow. This is special advantage if you move in deep snow for longer.

In ascent mode you can feel the overshoe minimally, it restricts your freedom of movement but not a dramatic one. Only when changing from ascent to descent mode is the SNÜX in the way of some locking systems. At the Atomic Backland and Scarpa Alien, I had to briefly open the climbing heel in order to be able to lock the bar. The overshoe can then be easily fixed using the bracket. The only disadvantage of SNÜX that I can see: the larger pack size and whole simply the fact that you have to invest a little time in the shoe cover to attract.

Some might be interested in whether the SNÜX can be used with crampons. Yes, that works because the overshoe only supports the foot, but not the sensor for the crampons or the contact point is covered with the bond! SNÜX could become also suitable for ice climbing, for example.
Words by Susi Kraft

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